Does your restaurant need more visibility?
Find new customers for your restaurant that are just around the corner. Win over more diners who would never have thought to look for your restaurant with social ads

Of people will visit a restaurant website directly after seeing their content on social media.

Increase in engagement for restaurants that use video content on social media.

Of consumers search on Facebook for restaurant-related information.
Of consumers use social media to find new restaurants or explore new menu items.
Facebook, Insta, TikTok

Why Social Ad’s for Restaurants

Facebook (Meta) and TikTok etc have a wide range of different targeting options making them the powerful marketing tools they are today. We have the ability to target people based upon age, location, industry, relationship status and several more highly powerful options.
Meta retargeting allows us to market to people who have already engaged with your restaurant either by visiting your website, scrolling through your online menu, or interacting with your social media accounts. Not everyone visits the first time they see an Ad. We can utilise retargeting to remind these people of your restaurant and any new  offerings you have and  encourage them to book!

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The Power Of Social Ads

Build Your Brand

With social ads, we have the ability to grow your followers with people who are most interested in your style of cuisine and local to your area.
To increase awareness of your business, it's important to reach people who don't already know about your business and with social ads, we can do this.
With the right content you can paint the story of your restaurant the way it deserves to be painted!

Direct bookings

We run our Ads with the intent to generate direct bookings. If you are with a booking platform such as ResDiary, SevenRooms and others, we are able to track and quantify how many bookings our ads are generating for your restaurant. We do this by installing tracking codes that fire the information back into Facebook. This is valuable to us, as advertisers and also to you, as the owner because the value generated is clear.

Store visits

If your business falls in a Shopping Centre or your target customers are only 1km away from your business, we can use location geo-targeting to section this radius off and make sure only people within this radius see the ads. By doing this, it makes the content highly relevant to the end-user and increases any potential action. Our ads can also be set up in such a way to encourage people to press ‘Get Directions’ who are only around the corner from you.

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